Mr. Dmitry Fedorov
Fishering Services

Fishering Services is one of Europes largest design and manufacturer specialized in pelagic trawls (mid-water trawls) with certain pre-specified characteristics, such as dragging speed, manoeuvrability, vertical and horizontal opening, etc.

In terms of their characteristics, these trawls outperform similar models developed by other manufacturers, which is confirmed by tests carried out on various fishing grounds.

At the same dragging speed the catch zone of a Fishering Service trawl is often increased by 50-100%. Additional effect – economy of fuel.

This is achieved by:

  • analysis of the fishing data received from fishing vessels in the course of many years;
  • introducing results of scientific research;
  • wide application of modern materials;
  • high qualification of the Company design engineers, technical specialists and software developers.

Fishering Services carry out serious scientific and applied research in the field of trawl hydrodynamics. This has resulted in the development of a new generation of trawls with a catching rope part. Trawls of this kind are successfully used even on those fishing grounds that were earlier regarded as inexpedient.

Fishering Service is one of the most effiective and important net loft in Europe. With good reputation for their own design, they selling more than 200 pelagic trawls a year.

Managed by Andrey Federov, Tatjana Federova and son Dmitriy Fedorov, they recommend their clients to use Polar Jupiter 2,7r and Mercury 2,0r and Mercury 2,4r trawl doors to spread their pelagic and semi-pelagic trawls. They have recently opened their own sales and service office in Vladivostok.

Contact Information

Fishering Service
Rabochaya 1A
238500 Pionerskiy
Kaliningrad Region
Tel: +7 4012 63 10 40
Fax: +7 4012 63 10 55
Mobile: +7 906 211 02 88


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